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Merely a means to an end?

It seems to me that the central question of this week’s readings was whether Digital Humanities is a means to an end or an end to itself.  I was particularly taken with Rafael Alvarado’s piece, in which he states, “the … Continue reading

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Digital, digitally rhetorical?

For this post I’m going to “mine” Kathleen Fitzpatrick’s piece for a number of reasons which go in tandem with the various dilemmas she tackles. What jumped at me first was the singularity and the plurality implied in the concept … Continue reading

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Intro/First Week’s Readings

Hey All, Alycia here–I am a member of the library faculty at Brooklyn College, and a student in the MALS program specializing in American Studies. My research interests include the history of alternative materials and print ephemera (and how they … Continue reading

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Debates in D.H 2/8/12

Mathew Kirschenbaum states that digital humanities is a means not an end; it’s about both the process and the outcome. If we think about this in the context of the debates on what IS digital humanities, who is/isn’t included,  how … Continue reading

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