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From Trees to Networks

In the second chapter of Lima’s book he talked about how trees have been used to show hierarchy, neatness, and order when in reality nothing is a simply connected as trees portray. He discusses criticisms and alternative formats to trees … Continue reading

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9/11 Digital Archives

After reading the two articles for this week and taking a look at the archives website I have a lot to say. First though I want to make a note that I have a very different perspective on the events … Continue reading

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Graphs Maps and Trees

As I was reading Franco Moretti’s book, the first thing that struck me was that I do visualize the geography of each novel or book that gives geographical references that I am reading. A map naturally forms in my head … Continue reading

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Digital Citizenship for the Next Generation

Thought people might find this interesting: http://mindshift.kqed.org/2012/03/teaching-and-modeling-good-digital-citizenship/

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Teaching the Digital Humanities

In section five it seems to be generally stated by the majority of the authors that the digital humanities has been focused on research more than teaching/pedagogy. In order to make the next transition into the academy it is suggested … Continue reading

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Defining DH 2.15

I think the best way to define the Digital Humanities at this point is as a morphing field of study that encompasses a methodological collaborative approach to research, knowledge, and access to information. It creates open and malleable outcomes because … Continue reading

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Debates in D.H 2/8/12

Mathew Kirschenbaum states that digital humanities is a means not an end; it’s about both the process and the outcome. If we think about this in the context of the debates on what IS digital humanities, who is/isn’t included,  how … Continue reading

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